new years weight loss tips

New Years Resolution Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips For New Years So it is that time of the year again! New Years is knocking right around the corner and you are worried yet again about your increasing weight and the New Year resolution you are going to take. This weight loss resolution has been something that has been pestering you [...]

suppress appetite

4 Best Ways To Suppress Appetite

You won’t be on any weight loss program very long before you realize that you need to know the best ways to suppress appetite. Not knowing this one factor in particular could undermining your best efforts. Most people today who want to lose weight are conscious, to some extent, of their health as well as [...]

improve brain function

Want to improve your brain functions? Read this

The brain is an integral part of the human body system. It has a variety of functions which it carries out and all of these are critical and indispensable. It can be likened to the cockpit or the engine of a vehicle. The brain is compartmentalized and each section carries out a number of functions [...]


Adderall Shortage – Where Lies The Problem

Reports indicate that the Adderall shortage is likely to continue through 2012, causing a great deal of worry among doctors and patient groups. The drug Adderall is indicated for the treatment attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and people are running from one pharmacy to another to buy the widely used drug before the pharmacies run [...]