ADDTabz An Adderall Alternative?



There are several drugs that have been historically shown to assist with ADHD / ADD. The problem with some of these medications are the possible side effects. ADDTabz by Gentech Pharmaceutical has a formulation that is now available without a prescription. Continue to find out more about these claims.

Studies show that in average, people have an attention span of seven minutes. Some may manage to keep their focus for longer hours, but some fall short in their ability to concentrate on tasks.

Attention span may possibly be shortened by fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. While these are normal occurrences, those who work in an environment where concentration is most crucial may need something to strengthen their endurance.

Did you know that ADDTabz features FDA recognized active ingredients for increased mental performance and cognitive enhancement?

Coffee, energy drinks, and supplements are the most popular remedies, but these may pose dangerous side effects when individuals go overboard with the intake.

Safe and effective ADDTabz then not surprisingly captured the limelight after it was introduced by Gentech Pharmaceutical.

ADDTabz is a non-prescription formulation especially intended for individuals who want to lengthen their attention span. The tablets are recommended even to individuals who have not been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

The active ingredients of the tablets are also recognized by FDA. Most doctors recommend the tablets to their patients who need to enhance their mental performance and cognitive ability that have not been diagnosed with full blown ADHD.

ADDTabz gives the most infallible solutions to forgetfulness, inattention, poor memory, difficulty of following instructions and directions, listening difficulties, inability to organize things, and difficulty to concentrate on tasks.

After taking the tablets, individuals would find it easier to focus and get things done in short span of time. They may also observe higher level of energy that even a cup of coffee cannot provide. Ultimately, their minds become free from clutter and their thoughts come out clearer.

This is the effect of Ampheta-CDP contained in each tablet of ADDTabz. It is primarily a hybrid variation of a drug called Amphetamine, but it has been especially formulated to be safe even with regular use.

Gentech Pharmaceutical removed the Benzene ring from the formulation – an adjustment to common amphetamine-based prescriptions such as Adderall. This has been proven to eradicate the risk of addiction and cardiac problems. The tablets do not cause anxiety, palpitation, and jitters usually experienced after taking alternative capsules.

This only shows the effort of the manufacturers to minimize side effects while strengthening the positive effects of the tablets.

Nonetheless, there are certain drawbacks of using the products. Some patients may observe loss of appetite, and insomnia if not taken as directed. These do not pose grave dangers to the health of patients as these are rather signs that the ADDTabz are doing their work.

Note that ADDTabz are primarily intended to enhance the effect of dopamine and norepinephrine that are also contained in the tablets. The drug was designed to be Nootropic or cognitive enhancer.

To ensure the safety and suitability of the product, you may opt to consult with your physician prior to the intake of the tablet.

If you have been looking for an effective and safe alternative to Adderall, you can find more here. Addtabz are now available without a prescription and sold world-wide.