Weight Loss Plus More: Advantages of Taking PhenTabz

An effective diet supplement should not only be ideal for losing weight. The product should also be capable of supplying ample energy to help individuals withstand long hours of exercises and workouts.

Burning fats can be easy with today’s wide array of weight loss pills and capsules that are designed to specifically melt down extra calories. Retaining an ideal weight, nonetheless, becomes a daunting task that only few supplements manage to perform.

A good weight loss supplement can therefore be defined as a source of necessary nutrients that can defy effects of genetics, fight off hunger, supply sufficient energy and revive one’s motivation.

Have you been looking for a safe and effective alternative to Phentermine? If so, you may want to look into PhenTabz by Gentech Pharmaceutical. Their proprietary formulation has been extensively tested and shown to be one of the safest, most effective products for weight loss (click here for more).

PhenTabz’s claim to fame

PhenTabz is specifically formulated to address all the issues laid out above. It can effectively suppress appetite and help individuals gain better control over their choice of foods. At the same time, they help the body produce higher level of energy needed for workouts.

Added perks from the product include accelerated burning of fats and boost in the metabolic rate. In contrast to other weight loss supplements, PhenTabz melt extra calories and not just prevent water retention of the body.



The product takes effect without the usual palpitation and jittery feeling usually experienced after taking other supplements.

What Makes PhenTabz the Leading Weight Loss Product?

Phentermine is currently the most prescribed medication in the field of weight loss. It is also approved by experts as one of the most effectual appetite suppressants.

Unfortunately, supplements containing this particular ingredient result to several side effects, making them risky for patient use. Some of these Phentermine side effects could include things like:

  • Changes in sex drive
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleep problems
  • Headache
  • Impotence
  • Nervousness
  • Upset stomach

Over time, the impact of this substance also wears off several months after the body developed tolerance over this drug.

Manufacturers of PhenTabz have addressed this issue and came up with a non-prescription formulation that ensure long-term effects and safety. This is made possible by a unique mixture of substances ( such as Ampheta-hcl ) that are observed to contain impressive fat burning properties and appetite suppressors – the weight loss pills work just as any other products do, but they are guaranteed safer.

PhenTabz Reviews and its Success

PhenTabz does not only quicken the pace of metabolism – it increases the speed of fat metabolism. The presence of the activated beta3 receptor that ensures long-term fat loss can be accounted for this effect.

The product is capable of triggering beta 3 receptors. As a result, the fat tissues loosen up and release fat into the blood stream as a source of added energy. The stimulation of beta 3 receptors also contributes to the sustained effects of the product. And unlike Phentermine products, the body won’t grow tolerant of the product even after years of using it.

The tablets can also enhance insulin sensitivity – an action noted for heightening the level of fat loss and lowering the level of cholesterol. More insulin sensitivity is also a bullet train ticket in diabetes prevention and treatment.

Unsurprisingly, this product was given the highest Pharmacological recognition for the 1AA grade of their ingredients.

PhenTabz is also fully compliant with the FDA as PhenTabz ingredients are on its list of safe ingredients under the agency.

If your interested in a weight loss pills that has show to produce results, while being safe and effect, click here to see Phentabz by Gentech Pharmaceutical.